Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ridiculous Knitwear #1

I want to give you my definition on ridiculous, so you can understand why I will post what I post. I don't mean why would you put all this time and effort in to making that ridiculous thing. I mean who has this ridculous genius to create such a wonderful piece. Who could put this beauty into this world with such ridiculous whimsy. The Happy Seamtress can with this awe inspiring mario sweater.

This beautiful sweater is amazing with bright color and awsome detail. My knitting skills are not quite up to par, but you can bet when they are near, I am going to take on this challange with a big smile on my face. Please post or send any of your finished works. I love to see how other knitters interpret the same pattern. Check in again for another pattern from Ridiculous Knitwear.

1 comment:

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