Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Avatar: the ruin of film or a great advancement

You can't deny that AVATOR is am amazing movie. I was a complete skeptic about this movie. Hearing the words 3D puts me in mind of Horror movies who use this as a gimmick to throw a knife or pickax at your head for 90 mins. The 3D use was abused in the 80s and i was thankful that the trend died out in the early 90s. Who can forget the awful trial of putting Freddy Krueger to death in 3D? The idea was good. That Freddy was trying to use John Doe ( he had amnesia) to get to his daughter. It could have been really well done. Just for the record my favorite Nightmare movie is DREAM WARRIOR, so its not like im stuck up about those movies. Instead i got two hours of freddy trying to gouge my eyes out. Since I wasn't able to see this movie in theaters the effects just don't translate onto 2D. The same is the problem with FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3 (ingenius title, I know). Maybe the 3D would be better on the big screen but I suspect not.

Now I get to my original point.Will AVATAR ruin the film industry? I think it might. I love the movie. Every actor was amazing. They all stepped up their game.Giovanni Ribisi has never been better. The best performance for me was Zoe Saldana (Netiri). Although she was only pictured as a Na'vi, but i really felt her emotions with her.I was amazed at the virtual world as well. The bioluminescent species were incredible. AVATAR was pure eye candy from start to finish.The 3D really did enhance this picture. The subtlety of the 3D made me feel as if I was truly there.

Now my problem is that not the movie itself, it is that I'm worried the CG and 3D are here to stay. I fear that the times of simple makeup and camera tricks are long gone. Where will the independant and grass roots film making go?

Will there be no place for DOG SOLDIERS or MULTIPLE MANIACS? DOG SOLDIERS is one of the best modern werewolf movies. Not because of the plot, which is a little dissapointing. But the make up and no CG is the selling factor to me. I'm never once pulled out of the movie because the werewolf is obviously made on someone's computer. The makeup is the best thing about Freddy Krueger. Will Jason suddenly just be a figment of our imagination. He will certainly be less intimidating. The STAR WARS prequel started this downfall. Yoda did not have to be a CG figure. Nothing was wrong with him as a puppet. Actualy I found the charm of the puppet endearing. Will all beauty just be artificial?

But an imagenery world might be nice. Maybe soon we will be in the movies. We might have a 365 degree view of the whole movie. But where will the quiet charming movies go. How will the poets of film make thier stanzas? James Cameron may be many things but he is not a poet. I fear that all the dreamers and painters of scenes, will have no place in this world. When that day comes, if its not here already, will be a dark day indeed.

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