Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chihuahuas vs. Pitbulls : which are nicer?

You may be tempted to laugh at me when i tell you that I'm more afraid of chihuahuas than pitbulls. But wait to hear my reasoning and maybe you have some expierence with this and understand my meaning.

I am a veterinary nurse at a busy 24/7 veterinary facility. Every time I have to work on a chihuahua my knees start to shake. Ask anyone who works full time at a veterinary hospital and they will prefer pitbulls to chihuahuas every time.

Chihuahuas have a tendency to be very wound up, aggressive little dogs. They can almost turn thier head in 180 degree circle to bite you. Trust me they will try.

I have to muzzle almost every chihuahua i see, because they will take a chunk out of you as soon as they can.

Pitbulls are mostly goofy happy souls. They come in excited to meet new people and make friends. Pitbulls love to give kisses and get belly rubs. If you give them food they will be your friend for life. They live for the simple things and don't think much beyond that.

Now I'm not saying that you should go up to a random pitbull and try to kiss them. They could be the friendliest dogs in the world or they can send you to the hospital because they ripped your face off. But the vast majority would rather give you a kiss and chase a stick, than bite you.Chihuahuas on the other hand would love to take your eyeball out and then be cooed over by thier owner.

Side note by the way, pitbull owners are mostly extermely responsible. They are quick to warn you or reassure you about thier dog. They are quick to muzzle and sedate as needed. Pitbull owners almost always will put your safety above all else.
Chihuahua owners will cuddly and praise the dog as it gets aggressive. It is your fault their dog wants to eat your face. Not that they should have socialized the dog better or anythhing.

Anyway, if there was a vote to save one breed over another, pitbulls would get my vote everytime. Chihuahuas will always freak me out and they will always try to bite. But a pitbull will most likely be your bff.

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