Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Running is Boring

I have long been fasinated by running. I own serveral books on how to learn to run. I buy Runner's World everytime I see it on the magazine rack. I look up tons of how tos and gogle at the amount of races there are. I've read the articles on people who run a marathon on every continent and 85 year olds that are still running every day. I have read about a woman who reached out and helped thousands of women in the congo through running. I have also read about a woman who started a running program for the homeless to help them achieve goals. I envey them. I envey every runner who has the determination to achieve these goals.

I also love the all the races I have seen. The four marathons that I truly want to do is The Disney world marathon, Applefeast halfmarathon, the original marathon route in greece, and the marathon on the great wall of china. With the Disney marathon comes the goofy challange. The Goofy challange is the ultimate challange to my mind. In one weekend you run the marathon and half-marathon. Then you get a speacil medal to commemorate the weekend.

I have tried the Disney Half-marathon a few years past. I didn't train very well and didn't really know what I was doing. Needless to say I did not finish. Which wasn't that painful because I had a great weekend with my two best friends and our moms. It was one of most fun weekends I have ever had and wouldn't mind to do it again.

Now why am I going on about a diatribe about how my obbsesion with running has not amounted to much. In this past year I have gone through some significant changes. I'm now getting a divorce and trying to make my life the way I truly want it. Now I have dreamed of entering the wonderful world running for a long time. So I am making myself acountable to the rest of the world.

I am now telling the world that next october I will run the Applefest marathon in hollis nh. I welcome any advice and tips that you have. I also welcome encouragement and anyone who wants join me in this adventure/challange. I will write about my running amid all the other fun tibits on my blog. So wish me luck! Here I go.....