Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back from Vacation

Ok so I've been MIA for several months, I guess about a week before the monster mania. So I've decided to use this as a sort of diary/ crafty/ roller derby area. Where everything and anything I think about will probably be written about. Which will be nice change.
So I will start with monster mania. I went with my friend Andrew, we had an awesome time. We spent two days and nights meeting awesome people and gorging ourselves on room service. We got to meet Dario Argento, who loved our poster. It was from Turkey and he told us how they didn't think it would be scary enough with just a skull so they added the snake. We also went to the Nightmare2 Q and A, which was amazing. Mark Patton is a really nice man and has been out of show business since doing Nightmare2. He has been living in Mexico with his partner, running an art gallery. Which sounds really nice to me. Maybe I should do that. So we had tons of fun and can't wait to go to the next one.
Ok so we didn't do too much over the next few months except worry about bills and deal with the divorces we're both going through. Needless to say we wanted to have a little fun. So last weekend we went to the Shawn Luu Horror Festival in Syracuse, NY. Which had 10 movies all on 35mm film prints. All the money goes to the good cause of a childrens hospital. It had Temple of Doom, The Gate, Street Trash, Deathrace 2000, Evil Dead, Halloween 3, and many more. They had amazing art for silent auction and amazing stuff for the raffle. They had a DVD and VHS of Street Trash signed by the director, who is now a born again Christian and now wants nothing to do with the movie. So they are super rare. Our friend actualy won the VHS, which is awesome.The producer was there and provided a streaming commentary during the movie. The coolest thing is that it was recorded and maybe put on the Blu Ray of Street Trash. I had really only seen two movies before. Temple of Doom and Halloween 3. I love Temple of Doom for its sheer fuck this attitude and trying something new. I definetly think its the most fun of a 4 movies. I do enjoy Halloween 3 and maybe I will blog about both of these movies at length latter. All the prints were pretty good. With the awful exception of The Torture Chamber. If you were there you know why and if you weren't its kind of like an out of body expierence that you can't really explain...
So I have been focusing on my crafting and have made several crocheted things. I made a watermelon scarf and another scarf. I also made a watermelon head band. Hopefully I won't spend so much time away. I am having a party soon so look out for the pictures.

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